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Do consumers pay more on Bellhop compared to booking directly on each app (e.g. Uber or Lyft)?
No. Consumers pay the same price on Bellhop as they would pay if they were to book directly on a partner app.
Is there an Android version?
The Android version is under development, and expected launch in Q4 - 2017.
Does this work in my city?
Our reach equals the reach of all of our supply partners combined. So, for example, if you're in a city with both Uber and Lyft, then you'll be able to access both Uber and Lyft rides through Bellhop.
How are payments handled?
With some partners (e.g. Lyft), Bellhop is the merchant of record, which means you pay Bellhop directly for the ride. With some other suppliers (e.g. Uber), your account is tied to Bellhop, and the payment is handled by that supplier.
How can I give feedback?
Please send all inquiries/feedback to